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Windows 10 Tablets

Microsoft Windows 10 is a new generation of the operating system, Windows Technical, namely the NT kernel 6.4. Windows 10 to carry out the design idea of "mobile first, cloud first", more than a cloud screen, multiple platforms sharing an app store, unified application updates and purchase, is the most widely cross-platform operating system. In fact, Windows 10 feels more like a Mac as it supports for touchscreen, multiple desktops as well as multi-touch gestures. Its features include reading e-books or periodicals, watching movies, listening music, playing game, web browsing and more functions.

Windows 10 tablets have more advantages when comparing with Windows 8 tablets. First, windows 10 is the return of the Start Menu, while Windows 8 have no sense when using a mouse and keyboard, and tanks to Windows 10 has addressed this. Windows 10 features a Start Menu which can be made to fill the whole screen optionally.

Based on the above advantages, China Windows 10 tablets are really a good choice. Best Windows 10 tablets are with acceptable prices. Don't hesitate, no matter which one you choose, we will ship to you ASAP. Just take action, it is yours now!

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