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Q: Can you provide Insurance for big orders?
TD VIP Program FAQs
A: For high-value and fragile orders, we buy insurance for you to lower the risks in shipping as much as possible.
Q: Do I need to pay Tariff?
A: We do our best to provide customs clearance support, such as paperwork. We may also share tax with you accordingly.
Q: Can you provide invoice?
A: Yes, Proforma Invoice can be provided, but not VAT invoice or other kinds of invoices. Proforma Invoice can be attached on parcel when shipping or sent by email if needed.
Q: How to pay?
A: USD: https://www.tinydeal.com/send-money-for-special-payments-different-fees-as-description-p-176578.html
A: EUR: https://www.tinydeal.com/send-money-for-special-payments-different-fees-as-description-p-176581.html
A: AUD:https://www.tinydeal.com/send-money-for-special-payments-different-fees-as-description-p-176579.html
A: GBP: https://www.tinydeal.com/send-money-for-special-payments-different-fees-as-description-p-176580.html
Q: What’s the MOQ of wholesale order?
If you have some other questions, please feel free to contact us at vip@tinydeal.com
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