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Product Features:

  • The portable hard drive case provides excellent storage for portable hard drive and electrical cables
  • Protects hard disk driver from dust, damp and scratches
  • Dual zippered closure, quite easy to insert and remove your HDD
  • Durable, hard shell exterior to protect valuable data
  • Interior strap secures portable hard drive in place
  • Slim line design allows case to easily fit into any backpack or briefcase
  • Carry small accessories, such as USB cable, in the built-in pocket inside the pouch
  • Fits your 3.5 inch HDD perfectly
  • With a string, easy to carry
  • Net weight: 81 g/ 2.86 oz
  • Size (L x W x T): 160 x 115 x 35 mm/ 6.30 x 4.53 x 1.38 in
  • Note: Due to fast selling of these products, the pattern and color sent may be slightly different each batch but the main theme remains the same

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 3.5" HDD Case
  • 1 x String
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по D. ( BR ) 2012-10-15 00:21:03 GMT
Вовлеченность: Expert (understands the inner workings) Собственность: 2 week to 1 month

Pros: It' sturdy and solid, it also has place for the HDD cable and
memory cards (micro SDs)

Cons: The elastic band holding the drive in place is not very tight. I
have never had problems with it, but you should open the case

Bottomline: Good sturdy well built case for a reasonable price. Recommended.

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по Konstantin ( RU ) 2013-11-20 04:26:23 GMT


Seller liar, sends another commodity. Money can not bring back the past 2 weeks and my money, I probably already lost and the time and nerves. Extort money sending marriage seller at my expense.

Do not buy anything from this crook.

Этот обзор был полезным для Вас?
  • ответ shaoxu:
    Thanks for your comments!
    Please accept our sincere apologize for all the trouble at first.
    All the items before we shipped have been checked.
    We will contact our technical staff and try our best to solve the problem for you. And we will be responsible after confirmation.
    The link is policy for Defective: http://faq.tinydeal.com/Default/Faq_Info/49
    We will appreciate it if you could contact us by this link: http://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us
    We will try our best to help you.
    Thanks for your cooperation and consideration.

  • ответ Konstantin :
    I saw that sold cover (bag) for 3.5 hard drive.


    Booked the (paid for). They sent. I opened the package.And see that the bag is very small for a 3.5 hard drive.

    I measure - just does not fit.

    RO and track number:


    Bag and 3.5 HDD drive:


    This product does not match the site can not be used as it is written by the seller.

    The product is not defective, but I can not use it. I need a bag for 3.5 hard drive. I do not need a bag for

    2.5 hard drive. I did not buy bag for a 2.5 hard drive.

    I have many of orders aliexpress.com. There was there a few cases where the seller sends the wrong item as

    described and photographed on page seller.
    [ Подробнее ]
    But with proven claims the money always came back with no problems

    and fast.

    The service desk manager Susan:
    1) She not looking pictures sent to confirm the claims.
    2) He refuses to admit that I can not use the product as it is written by the seller (for storage 3.5 Hard

    Drive). This is clearly evident from the many attached pictures:
    3) Offers to me, paid the delivery of the goods, and also paid for the shipment it back to the store for their

    money. After that, promise to provide the right product.
    4) When asked to return the money. Because I do not received the goods offered on the site and I paid for it -

    5) I think that the seller is not on sale bags for 3.5 hard drive. The seller sent a bag corresponding to

    sketch on the website it is the same as sent only can not be used as intended (for storage 3.5 Hard Drive).

    Many times I asked for confirmation of the presence of the correct product (bags for 3.5 HDD) with a picture -


    I do not want to pay for shipping at their own expense this error seller. One month it will come to you. Week

    for the issue of the new dispatch. Month goes to me a new package. What's in it inside - the exact same

    product? And again I have to pay you for sending it my account? To reactivate receive this bag back?

    Subtotal: proposed goods - the goods are paid by buyer - shipped another product - money should be returned to

    the buyer (seller is guilty)

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