Hey, I'm Wenlock, From July 17 to Aug.13,
The Great Kingdom of TinyDeal will hold
a TD-Olympic to welcome our guests.
Whatever game you join in, you'll be
  rewarded. Go with me!!!

Welcome to our first stop: The Great
Kingdom of TinyDeal, equipped yourself
with 19.99% off and begin to make
your own records.
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In different periods, go to different specified
categories, choose a product you like most,
and share it on Facebook. The participator
whose share get the most Likes,
will win a big prize.
Go to see more details>>

Welcome to Swimwear Price-Unification Square. All treasures on the square
will be sold at USD 9.99, no matter how
much they were before. So please pay
lasting attention here. It happens that
something with unified price is just what
you want!!!

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