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Product Features:

  • Likable Ultraman style coin piggy bank
  • Great for desktop display
  • Perfect collection for Ultraman fans
  • Coins are inserted from the top and can be accessed from the bottom
  • Great gift for children and its fans
  • Color: Mainly Silvery with Red and Yellow as shown in the picture
  • Net Weight: 109g / 3.84 oz
  • Size(L x W x T): 120 x 100 x 90mm / 4.72 x 3.74 x 3.54 in

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Ultraman Style Coin Piggy Bank
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por William ( US ) 2012-07-22 21:19:32 GMT

ATT: Customers & Visitors ~ I am a recent & new customer to TD -- having only 1 prior purchase order on...11/20/2011 !

Just recieved this item combined w/ 2 additional items I selected. All 3 products were tightly Crammed together & Stuffed in smallest

envelope possible & ready to bust at seams. I even paid extra $ for upgrade in shipping. Uploaded images clearly show Visible + Distinct

damage to Eye area of face directly in front. Has other noticable sloppy imperfections also. Last place, wanting any damage on item such as this !

After contacting TD regarding damage/defect issue, I was told to provide pictures of item before their system would allow refund.

Acknowledging instructings I promptly provided same exact 4 photos I included here w/ my review summary. After immediately sendings pics

as requested, response back to me from TD was sent by a totally Different customer service agent altogether:

I Quote following reply from TD rep after recieving Pics ~ "Thanks for the photos & sorry for the trouble. The worn part on the surface may be caused during long transportation. We will avoid such bad experience to happen again. Maybe, we can give you 10 points as compensation ?"

I was first told pics were needed to initiate refund. OK...did so & verified. Subsequently informed = Maybe, we can give you 10 points as

compensation...w/ a question mark. Total runaround & insult -- reiterated my problem following day & requested Supervisor thru live online chat. I was never connected to any type of supervisor I asked for. 20 minutes of excuses & unwillingness to stand behind initial action. Representative I was chatting with kept Repeating herself. Sorry for trouble will do better service next time. Next time doesn't help Now -&- won't be Next time...period. Finally offered lousy $2 credit back to visa card. I agreed, simply to end further Insult & wasted time. Never once, offered replacement unless I absorbed shipping back. Never once offered $ value credit of item to account. At end of chat, I asked her to please send Email of resolution & pending refund. Hrs. later, never recieved any such confirmation -- just too much to ask for I guess...Ridiculous & offensive ! I have never experienced such Dishonest, Greedy & Poor customer relations by any public Retail store or Internet company in my entire life...as extended to me by T-Deal !

TD claims top quality merchandise + top notch customer service on their site...nowhere close to that. They certainly do not Honor their own statements. Merchandise was obviously damaged & prooved so. Whether injury to item was that way straight off warehouseshelf in China or in transit -- makes little difference to me. I made an honest transaction & fully paid $ requirement of item + Extra $ amount for Shipping. From that point on all item quality & Proper packaging falls on TD...period. Had T-Deal Wisely packed items better or inspected item first...maybe not have problem. Piece was not damaged in transit, originally in this condition...easily tell close up. As I previously stated, this was only my Second purchase from TD. First time, merchandise also arrived in same manner. Forcefully squeezed & tightly packed into same Small type envelope. A plush "POOP" phone holder was so flattened I had to insert a plastic cup inside holder over 2 days to restore natural shape back close. Included this fact in my related product Review here. Sincerely folks, don't hold your breath for better service next time...nothing more than empty lip service & repeated lies over & over !!

I can't imagine GRIEF trying to return or exchange damaged/unsatisfactory merchandise of greater value. I can't believe the hassle I went

through over a Small ticket item as this. My primary expectations of this piece was simply that it looked Bright & Sharp plus match

site image. Do not intend using as coin bank whatsoever -- strictly wanted as a Display piece in cabinet alongside other TV & Movie

memorabilia. Not my fault damage occured. Nor is it my weak nature to let it slide due to Lack of common sense & error by TD. I guarantee TD largely avoid returns by this very fact -- most people will sit back & say, what the heck only few bucks + consider the fact, Distance plays in costing to return cheap items...Not worth doing so usually !

Start to finish, I consider entire business practices of TD questionable & a personal insult. Bad move on their part -- I certainly intend contacting & notifying US & International agencies, websites, etc. regarding general integrity & operations of TinyDeal. Plus whatever possible legal avenues available between here & there !

* Please ~ STOP supporting China's economy with your hard earned money. For what = mostly Crackerjack & cheap Carnival prizes with ZERO product support or common courtesy behind it. Think about it...hopefully before YOU encounter same wonderful Disregard...ha ha !

~ William
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  • Responder por Gissing:
    Thanks for your comments!

    Sorry for the trouble we brought to you. All items are tested before shipment. We are trying our best to service customers. If we need to change your order, we will contact with you to confirm it and send you email to confirm this modification. we are of good reputation. We test all items before we send it to you
    The policies about the defective items on the following website: http://faq.tinydeal.com/Default/Faq_Info/496
    We will appreciate it if you could contact us by this link : http://help.tinydeal.com/contact-us
    We will try our best to help you.

    Thanks for your cooperation and consideration.

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