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HID Xenon Kits

Hid xenon bulbs are the brightest auto lights around the world nowadays, and its luminous flux and illuminated areas are three times brighter than the halogen bulbs, so bright light makes for clearer visibility in night time driving conditions, which enhance your safety during driving and improve the performance of your car. Each of HID Xenon light has its color temperature: 3000k is yellow; 4300k is bright white with a hint of yellow; 6000k is pure white light or blue light; 8000k is white light with a blue tinge; 10000k is light blue; 12000k is deeper blue; 30000k is violet or purple. You can select the different color of hid xenon bulbs as needed.

HID Xenon Lamp adopts high standards of product quality specially-designed high-tech material with good color temperature. With the high brightness, it's so much safer to your driving; it provides you with a wider and farther visual field avoiding astigmatism. It features low power consumption and long lifespan, which is safe and convenient for using with low voltage DC power, applicable to different grade cars and motorbikes. HID xenon bulb is your best choice as replacement cars lighting, and best HID Xenon Bulbs will make you feel more pride, high-spirited and vigorous. In addition, you also need some HID Xenon Kits.There are different HID Xenon Kits with wholesale price and free shipping here.

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