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Tips You should Know About iPhone Screen Repair

Jul 22, 2016

1. Check The Quality Of The Replacement Screen

This is important because the better the quality, the more durable it will be. There are lots of imitation iPhone screens on the market (particularly Ebay and Amazon). Whilst these may work initially, they are far less durable and more susceptible to crack even during normal handling. The fittings are not always made to the correct size, so the screens may not sit as ‘flush’ with the main body of the phone and small gaps may be noticeable. Another common problem with these screens is the tendency for the LCD’s to fail after a few weeks/months. If you are likely to keep your iPhone for any extended period of time, a ‘cheap’ repair can end up costing more in the long run and potentially damaging your phone. Tinydeal only sells high quality iPhone screens that are made to the same specification as the original, fit perfectly and have been rigorously tested for long term reliability.

2. Ask About The Testing

Due to the complexity of modern smartphones, a screen replacement involves opening up your device and the careful re-fitting of components. In order to prevent any potential problems with other features/functions on your iPhone it is important the the device is thoroughly tested. This is particularly important if the iPhone is being mailed back to the customer as it is not easy to ‘pop in’ to rectify to any problems. All it takes is for a relatively small problem (like a sticking home button) for all the good repair work to be undone. Tinydeal has a professional testing team which can make sure each screen we send out is good as original.

3. Ask About The Warranty

Though iPhone repairs are more affordable that buying a new device, it is still an expensive outlay. To give you added confidence, good repair center should offer you a warranty for repairs they undertake. Many offer a 90 Days warranty, but considering the expense of an iPhone repair you should really look at 12 months as a minimum.

4. Buy From Tinydeal

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