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Anti-slip Mats

Car Anti-slip Mats can be classified into two major forms, Car Anti-slip Mats holder and Car Anti-slip Mats Cushion. Both of them are Anti-slip, reusable and washable. They can use on the car dashboard or desk. You can put your keys, sunglasses, cigarette, coins, and pens, CD, cards, mobile phone, GPS navigation, MP3 player, MP4 player and other small stuff on it. Nowadays, it is not only a Car Anti-slip Mats but also is a car fashion decoration.

Car Anti-slip Mats holder and Car Anti-slip Mats Cushion have a little difference. Car Anti-slip Mats holder has 2 Slots that you can put your cell phones or other digital devices vertically and view them, but the Car Anti-slip Mats Cushion cannot do it. Car Anti-slip Mats Cushion is suitable for the plane and crooked surface, but the Car Anti-slip Mats holder cannot change their shapes. All of them can keep your small goods safe from falling off sloping on the car dashboards without adhesive or magnet. Car Anti-slip Mat is a very practical accessories, which you’re worth it. Buy best Car Anti-slip Mats from with wholesale price and free shipping.

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