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Smartwatch&Watch Cell Phones

Watch cell phone is a kind of mini phones with appearance looking like a watch, usually hand wear like a watch, thus, we call it watch cell phones. Most of the best watch cell phones not only have a display of time like a watch but also have the function of making the call, sending SMS, playing video and browsing web taking photos like cell phones. Simple, it features simple, portable, compact and lightweight.

The ROM and RAM of watch smartphones come with though not as high as cellphones, but it is undeniable that sometimes he is indeed a good choice. It is very convenient for people who are not easy to carry mobile phones during work. Like watches can be worn on the wrist of the new phone can solve this problem.

Though this kind of watch cell phones configuration is not high as the cellphones, but make calls and receive calls, send and receive text messages (MMS), camera, sound recording, FM radio, alarm clock, hands-free, entertainment generally support mp3 music, mp4 movie player, all these functions can meet basic needs of mobile phones. Moreover, the price is cost-efficient. Free shipping and combo deal promotions with wrist watch cell phones are provided by TinyDeal online store, we serve to make you enjoy shopping here.

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