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Diagnostic Tools & Equipment

The state of car health information needs some car diagnostic tools and diagnostic equipment to test. Although diagnostic technology is very difficult, but we can test the car situation simply with diagnostic equipment before drive to auto service centers. Diagnostic Tools include car Pressure, car Vacuum Testers, car Code Readers, car Scan Tools, Diagnostic Cables, car Connectors.

Car diagnostic data measurements contain Vehicle speed ,RPM, fuel consumption, engine coolant temp, fuel pressure ,calculated engine load, throttle position, intake manifold pressure ,air intake temp ,timing advance, mass air flow ,fuel level, barometric pressure ,EVAP system vapor pressure ,fuel trim. When we test different data measurements, we should use different car diagnostic tools. Car Pressure and car Vacuum Testers can detect the auto tire’s detail pressure conveniently that avoid blowout accident. Car Code Readers and car Scan Tools provided self-diagnostic and reporting capability, the driver can know the state of health information for car. Diagnostic Cables and car Connectors help your car connect to the diagnostic equipment. If you want to know the health of your car and keep your car healthy, you should have the best car diagnostic tools.

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