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Android Phones: Great Android 5.0 Cell Phones

With passing years, android phones develop rapidly, since November 4, 2014, Android market share ranked first in the mobile operating system market with market share reach to 83.6% to dominate the market. In 2013, Android developed into the blockade, because iOS7 and iPhone5s existed, that Android goes into growth bottleneck. Android 5.0 Lollipop officially launched, it is a great turning point. Android market has been affirmed once again.

Android 5.0 OS adopts a new material design. Desktop application icons’ transparency has been adjusted, combine with color rendering and smooth animation, which showing a fresh style. The introduction of 64-bits coprocessors chip processor and sensor is to keep the system running smooth. Android 5.0 OS adopting ART virtual machine, its Operating principle is precompiled operation when Installing the application, then interpreted code of process will be no longer needed during running, and the operating efficiency of the application will be higher.

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