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5.0" Android Phones
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5 Inch Android Phones

Android smartphones first time to be launched was in 2008. In the past several years, due to the increased popularity of smartphones, almost everyone owned more than one android smartphones.

With the improvement of android OS, more and more android applications appear. However, phone screen seems to not match with android operating system. The screen is too small to play games, read emails, browse web pages and watch movies. In order to meet the need, android phones screens have been growing trend towards larger screen devices.

Now 5 inch Android phone or even larger screen mobile phones will be your best choice. 5 inch android phones come with 5-inch screen and run with android operating system. We all know that android operating system offers all kinds of applications to extend smartphones’ functions. To make good use of 5 inch large screen you should focus on the feature quad core or octa core processors, 3G or 4G network as well as chips, and all these are better for gaming. In addition, you can look at OTG and NFC, which will allow your phone to transfer files easier between devices.

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