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The Third Generation Mobile Phone: 3G Cell Phones

3G is the third generation of mobile phone broadband Internet standards and technology. As a rule, different network generation Internet connection speeds will not the same even you are on the same carrier. When with the same conditions - on the same carrier, 4G will be faster than 3G. Then, 3G will be faster than 2G. Similarly, 2G will be faster than 1G. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the later generation network of one carrier will always be faster than the previous generation network of another. 3G cell phones mean that features increased bandwidth and transfer rates reach to the third generation broadband Internet standards smartphones.

Key Features of 3G Cell Phones from Tinydeal
- Android operating system
- Octa-core/Quad-core/Dual-Core Processor
- Touch Screen
- 3G Network
- With Digital Cameras on the front and back
- Dual SIM card slots, 2 SIM 2 Standby
- MP3 & MP4 music and video players
- Video Recording
- WIFI/Bluetooth and GPS

All the unlocked 3g cell phones that offered by Tinydeal are new, if you buy a best 3G phone here, Tinydeal will express ship it out to you as soon as possible. You can get it soon to enjoy the cellphone with 3G network freely.

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