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The seckill has ended.
Each customer can only buy one piece at the Seckill price. For any orders with more than one, we reserve the right to cancel these orders. View all the Terms & Rules here>>
The $19.99 OUKITEL K5000 & $28.99 ZOJI Z8 lightning deal has ended. You can view the winners below.
Congratulations to the winners of the $19.99 OUKITEL K5000 & $28.99 ZOJI Z8 lightning deal! The information of winners and prizes are announced as below:
As for the rest of you... Thank you very much for your enthusiastic participation. Good luck to you all the next lightning deal.
Winner's Email Order No. Seckill Item Country
jet********* 24******************11 OUKITEL k5000 France
htt****** 75******************41 OUKITEL k5000 Spain
kic********* 18******************97 OUKITEL k5000 Germany
ffen******** 91******************16 OUKITEL k5000 Russia
egtr*********** 25******************71 OUKITEL k5000 United States
poyt********* 31******************36 ZOJI Z8 Sweden
jas****** 97******************79 ZOJI Z8 Kazakhstan
ftt********* 58******************91 ZOJI Z8 Peru
kui******** 17******************62 ZOJI Z8 Italy
yeq*********** 35******************78 ZOJI Z8 United States
yyu********* 14******************58 ZOJI Z8 Sweden
lop****** 57******************19 ZOJI Z8 Spain
dee********* 89******************57 ZOJI Z8 Israel
gt******** 67******************16 ZOJI Z8 Germany
wqqr*********** 66******************74 ZOJI Z8 UK

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