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      Established in 1984, LDT is one of the most popular brands in the sports medicine category and technical protective wear industry in China. LDT focuses on developing good quality products for injury prevention, injury treatment and performance enhancement to athletes and sports lovers.

      LDT has technical protective wears for ankle, head and shoulder, wrist, knee, elbow and waist. The sport ranges include basketball, football, golf, badminton, tennis, volleyball, running, hiking, fitness and cross training. With high price/performance ratio, LDT products are exported to many countries and gain high reputation among the users.

      You will get a pair of socks as free gift when purchasing any LDT brand items, that is to say, you don't need to pay for the free gift which will come with the LDT item with no hassle. The free gifts only have limited stock, so grab the chance before it’s gone! Buy more and get more free.
      The socks information:
      Condition: 100% brand new
      Comfortable, Ventilation, Sweat-absorbent
      Material:80% cotton,10%polyester, 10%nylon
      Size: 10-13 (For more details, click here)
      Color: as shown in the picture
      Note: the socks' length is 24.5-31cm, please go to see more information on our blog.

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