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Android 5.1 Celulares

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Android 5.1 phones

Android 5.1, a new Android OS was released March 10, 2015. Android 5.1 phones mean cellphones that preinstalled Android 5.1 operating system. Android 5.1 is one of Android operating system, which is the newest version Android OS to date. Compare with Android 5.0 or a more distant version, Android 5.1 has unparalleled advantages.

System stability and performance, Android 5.1 has been improved; in addition, on the compatible smartphones provide support for multiple SIM cards. To mobile security, adopt device protection, when the phone is stolen, it will be locked even to restore the device to factory settings cannot be unlocked unless you log onto their Google accounts. In addition, Android 5.1 also added a function, HD voice that means voice from the phones will be clearer. Not only that, settings devices had improved. The user can enter Android 5.1 mobile phones settings menu switching different wifi and Bluetooth devices setting quickly.

Android 5.1 Lollipop arrival is to bring some clarity to function, which make cell phones more easy to operate. It is worth you to have an Android 5.1 Lollipop smartphones. Free shipping, affordable prices, more promotions on Tinydeal. No more hesitation!

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