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Robot Nettoyeur Intelligent

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Smart Robot Cleaner

Home intelligence gradually enters into every family. Smart products become a hotspot. Various smart robots are in hot sale on the market. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with a variety of features that make your home safe and clean. It will start cleaning the house at the pre-scheduled time, once it's done cleaning or is low (less than 15%) on battery power, it will return by itself to the docking station to recharge. It follows the infrared signal emitted by the docking station and docks itself to the charger. This robot automatically detects obstacles. Besides, built with cutting edge technology and offering a working time of 45-60 minutes, this all new China Robotic Cleaner is an ideal device for your needs. It is integrated with Auto Scheduling feature that makes it easier for you to operate the device without much of manual intervention. It is well designed to clean your accessories even under furniture and works effectively on all different household surfaces. It also comes with auto charging feature that makes this device practical in the long run.

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